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Separately Managed Account: an individual portfolio of direct equities with professional investment management

Separately managed accounts (SMAs) are a great way of investing directly in shares with the benefits of professional investment management. With the benefits of investing in a managed fund (such as share selection and ongoing portfolio management) as well as the beneficial ownership of investing in shares, there are plenty of reasons for you to consider investing in SMAs.


Listed securities

Each investor has their own portfolio of shares

Professional investment management

Portfolios are professionally managed (share selection and ongoing portfolio management)

Separately managed account (SMA)

The shares within an investor's portfolio are determined by the SMA model portfolio selected

Why choose SMAs?

With SMAs, investors have their own portfolio of shares that are held in trust on their behalf. This means, each investor has an absolute entitlement to, and is the
beneficial owner of, their own portfolio of shares. This is opposed to being allocated ‘units’ in a managed fund.

SMA investors also benefit from:

  • the ability to invest directly in shares which are managed by investment professionals
  • being able to view the individual shares within their portfolio
  • likely paying lower brokerage costs than trading shares directly
  • not having their tax position affected by other investors (as an individual cost base is established for each portfolio), and
  • avoiding buy/sell spreads, CGT events and broker fees when they transfer commonly-held shares into an SMA and between SMA model portfolios



Asset class


How to invest

Australian equities

Antares Dividend Builder

Through platform: MLC Wrap, MLC NavigatorMacquarie WrapBT Panorama, Netwealth, ANZ Grow Wrap

Antares Core Opportunities

Through platform: MLC Wrap, MLC NavigatorNetwealthMacquarie Wrap, ANZ Grow Wrap

Antares Ex-20 Australian Equities

Through platform: MLC Wrap, MLC Navigator, NetwealthMacquarie Wrap, BT Panorama

Redpoint Industrials

Through platform: MLC Wrap,

MLC Navigator


Antares Listed Property

Through platform: MLC Wrap, MLC Navigator, NetwealthMacquarie Wrap


Antares Equities and Redpoint Investment Management  are both partners of NAB Asset Management

How to invest:

Both Antares and Redpoint Investment Management SMA model portfolios are available through platforms, refer to the above table for platform availability

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