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Antares Equities awarded five stars by Canstar

24 May 2017

Leading boutique Australian equities fund manager Antares Equities was recently awarded five stars by Canstar for the Antares Dividend Builder Fund and Antares Elite Opportunities Fund.

General Manager of Antares Equities, Brendan Donohoe, said being recognised by Canstar affirmed the fund manager’s robust investment approach and performance.

“We’re extremely pleased to have two of our funds recognised in Canstar’s 'Outstanding Value Managed Funds' category

“Helping customers achieve their investment objectives is our primary focus and this award is testament to the team’s investment skill and ability to deliver for our customers in a low return and increasingly lower fee environment,” Mr Donohoe said.

The Antares Dividend Builder Fund and Antares Elite Opportunities Fund are both 100 per cent Australian shares funds. Antares Dividend Builder targets Australian companies which focus on delivering investors tax-efficient income.

Antares Elite Opportunities is a concentrated portfolio of no more than 30 companies, designed to represent Antares’ highest-conviction ideas.

General Manager of Wealth at Canstar, John Callaghan, confirmed the strength of Antares’ proposition and said achieving five stars from Canstar was a combination of strong long-term performance and cost.

"Antares performed very strongly in our Australian Shares - Large cap profile, with two of their products picking up a five star rating. It's one of our more competitive profiles given the number of funds that meet the entry criteria and shows how strong the Antares proposition is for investors,”

“To do well in our ratings a fund needs to provide strong performance, relative to its peers, over the last 10 years at a relatively low cost to the consumer. It's a tricky proposition for a lot of funds but Antares have managed to get this mix right on not just one, but two of their Australian shares products.”


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