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MLC adds Antares Ex-20 Australian Equities to SMA suite

MLC has today announced the addition of the Antares Ex-20 Australian Equities Separately Managed Account (SMA) portfolio to the MLC Wrap and MLC Navigator platforms.

Kathy Vincent, General Manager Retail Super and Investment Platforms at MLC said, "We're pleased to announce the addition of the Antares Ex-20 Australian Equities strategy to our Separately Managed Account (SMA) capability.  It reinforces our intention to provide advisers with even more ways to create value for their clients, with access to some of the best investment options available.

"We have a strong track record of offering a broad range of SMA portfolios on our platforms. Not only does this provide advisers and their clients with a wide selection of investment asset classes, from Australian shares and listed property to fixed income, but the SMA structure also allows for a more efficient way for investors to access professional management."

MLC currently have over $1 billion in Funds Under Advice (FUA) in the SMA category, and offers 16 SMA portfolios on a platform which sits comfortably as one of the largest in the Australian market. SMA portfolios have been offered to investors on the MLC Wrap and MLC Navigator platforms since 2009.

The Antares Ex-20 Australian Equities SMA portfolio is the most recent addition. It is an actively managed, highly concentrated portfolio of Australian equities which excludes the 20 largest companies by market capitalisation, as beyond the 20 largest companies, there is considered to be a greater opportunity for diversification and outperformance.

Lisa Boyce, General Manager Product and Investment Communications at NAB Asset Management said, "Antares Equities has been a leading fund manager in the SMA space for over 7 years with almost $900m in FUM. The Antares Ex-20 Australian Equities strategy is the next evolution in the breadth of Antares' capability and we're extremely pleased to be able to offer it to investors who may be looking to either complement a top 20 focused portfolio, or as a standalone diversified exposure to the Australian market."

"SMAs are a great solution for both advisers and their clients. They are an efficient way for advisers to implement direct equity portfolios for their clients, through reduced administration and compliance obligations. And clients benefit from greater transparency, beneficial ownership of the underlying shares and access to professional management," added Ms Vincent.


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