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Antares Equities Portfolio Manager insights

Antares’ ‘selectively contrarian’ investment philosophy is implemented across all equity strategies as Portfolio Managers seek to find value in current market pricing. In the following videos, Antares Portfolio Managers Nick Pashias (Elite Opportunities), John Guadagnuolo (Ex-20 Australian Equities), Brett McNeill (Listed Property and Dividend Builder) and Stuart Wilson (Small Companies) discuss this investment approach and how they apply it to deliver returns for investors through different market conditions.


Splitting from the pack with Antares Elite Opportunities

May 2016

Antares Elite Opportunities Fund Manager Nick Pashias discusses how taking a different approach to stock selection and not following “the pack” helps Antares to find value in places that are often overlooked. Nick also gives his views on what market themes investors should be keeping an eye on in coming months.

Embracing disruption with Antares Ex-20

May 2016

Disruption may seem like a negative term but it has arguably become more prevalent in recent times. John Guadagnuolo makes the case for disruptors in the market, discussing their role, the impact technology will have in the not too distant future and the potential for disruptors to deliver earnings growth for investors.

Finding liquidity in bricks and mortar with Antares Listed Property

May 2016

Diversification is not a new idea but it remains a key factor in portfolio construction. Brett McNeill, Portfolio Manager for the Antares Listed Property Fund looks at liquidity and diversification and how the Antares Listed Property Fund hopes to deliver these key attributes to investors during periods of market volatility.

Staying focused on income through volatile markets

May 2016

Achieving a steady income stream during periods of heightened volatility is, at times, difficult. Antares Dividend Builder Deputy Portfolio Manager Brett McNeill discusses the process that Antares uses to deliver income for investors and how this is impacted by market conditions.

Running the ruler over small caps with the Antares Smaller Companies Fund

May 2016

Many factors help Portfolio Managers determine the viability of stocks within their portfolios. Antares Smaller Companies Fund Portfolio Manager Stuart Wilson discusses the key factors that help him identify potential investment opportunities within the Small capitalisation sector of the Australian sharemarket.