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Impact of proposed changes to franking credits

15 April 2019

MLC Australian Shares Portfolio Manager John Woods talks with Sinead Rafferty, Portfolio Specialist at NAB Asset Management about the Federal Election, Labour's proposed changes to franking credits and what the changes will mean for companies with high dividend payouts and franking.


March quarter 2019 markets update with MLC

12 April 2019

MLC Chief Investment Officer, Jonathan Armitage speaks with Rebecca Collins, Research Manager, MLC about a strong quarter in which markets rose following an easing in trade tensions and bond yields.


MLC Australian equities portfolio approach

20 March 2019

MLC Portfolio Manager John Woods speaks to NAB Asset Management Portfolio Specialist Sinead Rafferty about its Australian equity market portfolio and how it reduces risk by diversifying beyond the concentration of the index in banking and materials.


Managing currency volatility

27 February 2019

In this 3 min video, Dr Ben McCaw examines MLC’s portfolios in relation to last week’s decision by China to slow the importation of Australian coal and the impact it had on currencies.


The importance of portfolio diversification and alternative strategies

24 January 2019

Sinead Rafferty, Portfolio Specialist, NAB Asset Management chats to Gareth Abley, Head of Alternative Investments, MLC about alternative strategies, why include them in a portfolio and the importance of diversification within the asset class.


A challenging investment environment in 2019

22 January 2019

Dr Susan Gosling, Head of Investments, MLC discusses the challenging investment environment for 2019.


Equity markets and bond markets tackle volatility

22 January 2019

MLC Chief Investment Officer, Jonathan Armitage speaks with Rebecca Collins, Research Manager, MLC, about future earnings growth in equity markets, a potential slow down in GDP and the trade                                             war between the US and China.


Antares Equities fact-finding trip to China

19 December 2018

Antares Equities Portfolio Manager Nick Pashias talks about the Chinese housing market, infrastructure, production cuts and the impact on the Australian market.


MLC on the sell-off in equities

31 October 2018

MLC Chief Investment Officer, Jonathan Armitage talks about the sell off in equities during October and the benefit of using a mix of different investment styles within asset classes.


MLC discusses asset allocation

31 October 2018

MLC Portfolio Manager, Dr Ben McCaw discusses asset allocation considerations in the MLC Inflation Plus Portfolios given the current lack of diversification bonds are providing to equities.


Antares Equities on successful stock research

4 October 2018

Antares Equities analysts typically only cover 15 stocks each. Andrew Hamilton explains how that translates to out-performance and stock success stories.


Antares Equities on investing in discretionary retail and property

4 October 2018

Antares Equities Listed Property Fund Analyst and Deputy Portfolio Manager, Vikrant Gupta talks what discretionary retail and shopping centres stocks to watch and what to expect.


Antares Equities on how to evaluate property companies results

4 October 2018

Antares Portfolio Manager, Brett McNeill on how to evaluate property company's results, which real estate investment trusts (REITS) Antares likes and why and what stocks to avoid.


MLC Inflation Plus portfolios on the importance of managing FX

21 September 2018

MLC Portfolio Manager, Dr Ben McCaw talks about the importance of foreign exchange exposures within the MLC Inflation Plus portfolios and how short-term volatility is managed.


Reporting season wrap up, key observations and opportunities    

20 September 2018

Richard Dixon, portfolio manager of the Antares High Growth Shares Fund, talks with the Financial Standard about where the value and opportunities lie.


Antares Equities discuss the roller coaster for building material stocks   

7 September 2018

Antares Equities Investment Analyst and Deputy Portfolio Manager Jennifer Lam talks about how lofty earnings expectations from the infrastructure boom have not been met in Australia, and how the US infrastructure story compares.


NAB appoints Geoff Lloyd as CEO of MLC

17 July 2018

The appointment follows NAB’s announcement in May it will exit its advice, platform, superannuation and asset management businesses currently operating under MLC and other brands. 


Higher volatility and fixed income positioning

June 2018

Antares Fixed Income portfolio manager Dr Tano Pelosi talks with Ross Kent, Global Head of Institutional Distribution, NAB Asset Management about increasing bouts of volatility that are requiring a move to shorter duration, higher quality bonds.


Adjusting portfolios to manage for risk

12 June 2018

MLC's Head of Investments, Dr Susan Gosling outlines how the MLC Inflation Plus portfolios adjust the asset mix as assets become cheap or expensive to manage for risk.


Antares Equities talks investing in Afterpay

14 May 2018

Antares Equities, Ex-20 SMA Model Portfolio, Investment Manager, John Guadagnuolo, talks the investment case for payment solution business, Afterpay Touch.


Antares High Growth Shares Fund on identifying opportunities

10 May 2018

Antares High Growth Shares Fund Portfolio Manager Richard Dixon talks about the fund's approach that has delivered long term outperformance for investors and strong reporting season results.


Talking best ideas with Antares Equities Elite Opportunities Fund

9 May 2018

Antares Equities Elite Opportunities Fund, Portfolio Manager, Nick Pashias talks about how the fund is positioned and opportunities for beating the market taking concentrated positions.


NAB announces changes to its wealth management strategy

03 May 2018

NAB has announced a reshaping of its wealth management strategy.