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Investor Benchmark Volume 4: Investing Globally

May 2016

It’s not surprising Australians love to invest in Australian companies. While, it’s no doubt more comforting investing in companies you’re familiar with, investing globally offers so much more than just potential returns.

The latest edition of Investor Benchmark magazine provides compelling cases for why you should look beyond Australian shores to diversify your portfolio to mitigate risk, harness booming sectors, and deliver returns. The current macro backdrop of ongoing geo-political uncertainty is unsettling, however investors should look to global markets as an opportunistic hunting-ground for experienced investment managers with tried and tested investment processes.

Download Investor Benchmark Volume 4 (PDF)


Video resources

Investing in global best-in-class companies

Barry Dargan, CEO and Portfolio Manager at Intermede Investment Partners, outlines how money is managed at Intermede and the opportunities that he is seeing today, with Myooran Mahalingam, Global Equities Portfolio Manager from MLC.

Investing in a post-Brexit and Trump market

Charles de Vaulx, Chief Investment Officer at International Value Advisers, discusses where he is finding investment opportunities today and how he is improving shareholder returns with Myooran Mahalingam, Global Equities and Listed Property Portfolio Manager at MLC.  

Going global with Altrinsic Global Advisors

Simon Blanchflower, Head of Asia Pacific and MLC Global Equities Portfolio Manager, Myooran Mahalingam discuss the value investing style, opportunities in Japan and why Nestle S.A is a favoured pick of Altrinsic.

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