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October 2017

Headwinds and tailwinds continue to blow in the current investment environment. Low interest rates and low inflation have been key tailwinds leading to inflated prices across most asset classes. Geopolitical risks also remain high in the minds of our investment professionals, adding to the potential secular challenges of demographics and technology.

In this edition, Altrinsic Global Advisors, who are based in Connecticut US, discuss the always interesting topic of Artificial Intelligence and what the latest developments mean for investors. Brian Long, Head of Retirement for NAB Asset Management shares some insights into Australia’s retirement space and strategies for retirees, and Dr Tano Pelosi, of Antares Fixed Income explains the impact of the easing of quantitative monetary support around the world.

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Video resources

In conversation with Dr Ben McCaw – on China

MLC Senior Portfolio Manager Dr Ben McCaw speaks to Cassandra Crowe, Research Manager, about the recent Communist Party Congress in China and what it means for Australian investors.



Value investing in a growth super cycle

What factors will help value stocks rise above the growth super-cycle? Simon Blanchflower from Altrinsic Global Advisers discusses how a normalisation of volatility and higher interest rates will support value investing.



The latest in style

Strongest performer one year, flat the next. What does style say about an investment fund and is it the most important driver of returns? MLC’s Head of Investment Risk, Simon Elimelakh shares his views. 



The grumpy Australian consumer

Australians seem grumpy, but the economy continues to grow. Will this sentiment evaporate? NAB’s senior economist Bob Cunneen explains. 



Three reasons why the unwinding of quantitative easing matters

Antares Fixed Income Portfolio Manager Dr Tano Pelosi explains what could happen to fixed income if interest rates rise, as the US signals the unwinding of its quantitative easing program.



Setting up for retirement success

Should Australians focus more on their super balance or their super goals? And what risks do we need to be aware of when we're planning for our retirement? NAB’s Brian Long discusses some of our most commonly asked retirement questions.



Q&A with CIO Jonathan Armitage

MLC's Chief Investment Officer, Jonathan Armitage discusses inflation, the impact recent geopolitical issues such as North Korea are having on markets, and what the low volatility on the VIX really means.



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