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Deciphering the signal from the noise in global shares

September 2019

In the short term, major events are unpredictable and they’re poor fodder for traders. But if you look for the signal, amidst the noise, you can identify trends that have a track record of positive returns. 


Risk management, key in age of uncertainty

August 2019

In the current environment, assets are expensive, and diversification opportunities are limited. MLC explains how they prefer to focus on understanding the different futures that could happen and how its multi-asset portfolios are positioned in the current low interest rate environment.


Are recessions predictable?

22 July 2019

Exactly predicting recessions appears impossible. Yet there can be some key insights gained from monitoring a wide spectrum of economic and financial indicators.


Does your fund manager drive the 'right car'?

June 2019

It can be easy to make assumptions about someone by the way they dress or the car they drive. But does the car an investment manager drive actually tell us anything about their investing abilities?

Machine learning - Rise of the machines?

Machine learning - Rise of the machines?

June 2019

Machine learning is amongst one of the most promising and talked about technologies in recent years.


Can you afford to live to 95?

May 2019

We all want to live longer, but what if your life expectancy grows and your retirement nest egg doesn’t keep up?


How do we plan for an uncertain future?

15 May 2019

Despite the not too distant memory of market volatility, recent optimism makes it easy to believe the good times will continue and forget that the future is uncertain. So how should investors approach this environment?


With interest rates on the way up, how is MLC managing this risk to its bond portfolio? 

February 2019

After a decade of unusually low interest rates in response to the GFC, central banks are returning to more normal monetary policies, which means interest rates globally have started to rise and bond prices to fall. So how is MLC managing the bond strategies in its multi-asset portfolios?


Your super in retirement: how history shows us to keep calm and carry on in volatile markets

February 2019

Portfolio Specialist Sinead Rafferty discusses the severe falls in global share markets in late 2018 which led many investors to ask whether it was too risky to stay invested in the share market during their retirement.


The importance of being in (and out of) 'style'

February 2019

One of the key considerations to take into account when combining managers in a portfolio is their 'investment style' and this prevailing style and 'anti-style' does contribute significantly to the risk and performance of traditional equity managers.


How MLC is tackling the problem of our concentrated share market  

February 2019

Australia’s share market is highly concentrated in a few sectors, making it vulnerable to negative events affecting those sectors. Using MLC’s unique Defensive Australian Shares Strategy, we can access the potential returns of the market, with less risk.


Why investors need to be wary in 2019

January 2019

Dr Ben McCaw explains why 2019 will be a challenging period that will test investors.


How to manage volatility in 2019

16 January 2019

The ups and downs of the share-market can sometimes feel like a roller-coaster, but if you take a longer-term perspective, you’ll see that it’s actually more like scaling a mountain.


Infographic: 2018 year in review

Take a visual tour of markets in 2018 − a year with a confident start but a volatile finish.


How to diversify when investing in bonds no longer works

11 January 2019

Bonds have traditionally helped diversify the risk of shares because bond and share prices tend to move in opposite directions. But what if both bond and share prices fall at the same
time, so that this diversification no longer works? MLC provides some insights about how they                                                         manage this challenge in their portfolios.


Is US market strength sustainable?

December 2018

Antares Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, Mark Kiely, discusses the progression of the global economy post GFC and the headwinds that appear to be building after a long period of economic expansion.


Wall Street and US economic growth: Is there method in the madness?

12 December 2018

Senior Economist Bob Cunneen discusses the past few years having seen a remarkable Bull Run for US shares and recent market volatility seeing investors question whether this US share market surge is sustainable.


Why Private Equity is booming

November 2018

MLC discusses the investment landscape dramatically shifting and private equity becoming a consideration for investors who want access to the full spectrum of the best companies.


What was behind October’s sell - off and what does it mean for markets?

8 November 2018

It was a wild ride for investors in October. What caused the market volatility?


What does the recent market volatility mean for investors?

16 October 2018

Portfolio Specialist John Owen discusses what’s causing the current market volatility and how MLC is managing their portfolios for customers.


The Twilight Zone with Trump, Trade Wars and Turkey

August 2018

In the twilight zone with Trump, trade wars and Turkey: here’s our guide to 3 big factors shaping local and international markets this year. 


Socially Responsible Australian Equity Portfolios

June 2018

Redpoint Investment Management explains what it could mean for your investable universe when you exclude companies using SRI screens.


Why the FANGs could bite into your portfolio

June 2018

There is much investor interest in the so-called FANGs, and the rest of the 'internet-based' companies. But while their popularity continues to grow there are reasons to be cautious about their ability to continue to deliver solid returns for investors. Redpoint Investment Management discusses.


China's industrial automation revolution

May 2018

Altrinsic Global Advisors look at the development of industrial robots in China.


Whistling a happy tune for investors

May 2018

Fairview Equity Partners explain the lure of the ‘green whistle’.


Healthcare: Four things investors need to know

May 2018

The healthcare industry can be a difficult landscape to navigate for investors, especially given the tensions generated when questions of human wellbeing collide with commercial reality. Intermede share four factors worth considering if you’re investing in the sector.


3 reasons why rising interest rates could disrupt the economy

May 2018

A significant rise in interest rates could disrupt the economy in many ways. Dr Tano Pelosi from Antares Fixed Income explains.


Measuring fear and greed on Wall Street

19 April 2018

Can we measure how greedy or fearful investors are at any point? How is their irrational behaviour affecting share prices right now?


What's the risk of not understanding risk?

19 April 2018

MLC looks at ways to bridge the gap between real life risks and investment risks.


What does the recent market volatility mean for investors?

13 February 2018

Portfolio Specialist John Owen discusses what’s causing the current market volatility and how MLC is managing their portfolios for customers.


The value of a multi asset approach to investing

November 2017

In this interview Jonathan Armitage shares his views with Benchmark magazine on why he believes a multi-asset investment approach makes sense for the majority of Australian investors.


Which beta is better?

October 2017

Redpoint Investment Management explains why diversification helps when investing in infrastructure.


The age of the supercompanies?

October 2017

Intermede Investment Partners examine the trend of the supercompany.


The latest in style

October 2017

What does style say about an investment fund and how can it affect performance? MLC’s resident style expert, Simon Elimelakh shares his analysis.


Mid-caps are anything but middling

October 2017

Does company size matter when it comes to investment returns? Antares Equities explains.


3 reasons why the unwinding of quantitative easing matters

October 2017

Dr Tano Pelosi, Antares Fixed Income explores the possible impacts on investment markets from the unwinding of quantitative easing.


The grumpy Australian consumer

October 2017

Senior Economist Bob Cunneen explains why Australian consumers are feeling grumpy.


Change is in the wind for China

October 2017

With an upcoming leadership change, what lies ahead for China's economic future?


With our heads firmly in the "cloud"

October 2017

So much of our data is stored in the “cloud” these days. But where exactly is your data?


The automatic opportunity

October 2017

One billion jobs worldwide are at risk of automation. The threat of disruption is real, with potentially catastrophic outcomes for companies globally. And as investors, how do you deal with this accelerated pace of change?  


Infographic: 2017 financial year in review - share markets were all 'TRUMPed UP'

July 2017

The 2017 financial year was a rewarding one for investors and a welcome contrast to the previous year. Take a visual look at the financial year.


Home is where the heart is

June 2017

UK-based Intermede’s Mike Gallagher highlights why fast-growing global companies should help investors shake their ‘home bias'.


Solving the REIT riddle

May 2017

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have been in steady recovery since the GFC. MLC looks at whether investors should be considering them in a portfolio.


The Australian implications of Trump's US tax changes

May 2017

Antares Equities’ outlines the potential implications of US tax changes for Australian listed companies with US operations.


Is Australia the new Argentina?

May 2017

For the past 25 years, Australia has seen continuous economic growth and a solid financial system. Senior economist Bob Cunneen questions whether political risk could be challenging Australia’s prosperity.


Getting the global mix just right

May 2017

Myooran Mahalingam managing MLC’s A$20billion global equities portfolio. In this interview he explain what he looks for when selecting managers and why investors should be considering a global allocation.


Hidden gems in the alternatives space

May 2017

While you may have heard of the more ‘traditional’ alternative investments like infrastructure and gold bullion, there are some less conventional ways to deliver returns for investors. MLC’s Gareth Abley explains.


Going global

May 2017

Altrinsic takes a deeper look into the risks associated with a portfolio dominated by Australian equities, and the benefits of a global opportunity set.


Style matters

December 2016

Investment styles are often used to describe different approaches to investing, but what do they really mean for investor returns?


China's recovery means more upside for iron ore

November 2016

In October, Antares Equities made a research trip to China. They visited three cities - Beijing, Shanghai and Tangshan - and met a wide range of companies.


Skewing the investing odds in your favour - an alternative approach to alternatives

November 2016

With bonds and shares likely to offer low returns for some time, investors should consider new approaches to alternative strategies.


Constructing a resilient equity yield portfolio as interest rates rise

November 2016

How do you find high yields in companies that aren't traditionally considered yield equities? Antares Equities explains.


Investing in the (not so) secret life of pets

November 2016

MLC discusses how humanisation is one of the key drivers of increased spending per pet and has seen private equity capital investment in pet-related companies globally.


Equity investing: is it as easy as ESG?

November 2016

Investing on the basis of a company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices is a growing trend in financial markets. Max Cappetta from Redpoint explains.


5 reasons why you should worry about inflation

November 2016

After several years of benign inflation and even deflation in some parts of the world, one might ask how prepared investors are for an inflation scare. Antares Fixed Income explains.


Herding towards passive

November 2016

The popular trend towards funds that passively track a broad market benchmark is the latest episode in a consistent human desire to herd and follow trends set by others similar to us.


The China syndrome: credit meltdown or slowdown?

November 2016

For investors, China provides questions with no final answers. As evidence points to China navigating towards a financial crisis, can you afford to be a passive investor and observer?


Need unique? Then build unique…

August 2016

Is your investment risk right for the current markets? MLC explain how equities are an important part of a portfolio but you must also not ignore the need to mitigate risk.


Can you out-smart beta?

August 2016

The evolution and growth of interest in systematic beta strategies is a dominant trend in financial markets. Max Cappetta from Redpoint Investment Management explains.

The Long game_120x112

The Long Game

August 2016

MLC’s CIO Jonathan Armitage explains the long game of investing when return opportunities are scarce.

The secular stagnation syndrome_120x112

The secular stagnation syndrome

August 2016

Is Australia's destiny long-term stagnation? Are we “turning Japanese”? Senior Economist and Portfolio Specialist Bob Cunneen examines the evidence.


The 3 big issues keeping private equity investors awake at night

June 2016

What’s keeping some of the big private equity investors and entrepreneurs awake at night?


From start-ups to turn-arounds, what is private equity?

May 2016

Private equity has made headlines recently, but for many of the wrong reasons.


Demystifying hedge funds: finding returns in volatile markets

April 2016

Hedge funds are a widely known alternative investment that can potentially provide excellent diversification to a portfolio, and additional sources of returns.


The power of disruptive innovation

April 2016

Innovation is all around us and is constantly changing the world. When a company is considered as an investment, innovation – both current and potential – must be analysed, as it can have a huge impact on long-term investment returns.


Knowing what the future holds

April 2016

Are the best investors those who have the most accurate insight into the future? If so, can that insight be learned or is it a rare and elusive skill? 


On the edge of a biological cusp

April 2016

Your genome is made up of a 4 letter alphabet, consists of 3bn letters and defines who you are. Altrinsic Global Advisors explains how this affects their investment decisions today and into the future.