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Connecting the dots with SMAS 2018

September 2018

Back by popular demand, our Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) Benchmark publication, returns with updated content and an exciting new feature.

In this edition we focus on Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs). While not new to the industry, SMAs have only really seen a considerable rise in popularity over the last few years. NAB Asset Management has a proud history with SMAs, with Antares Equities offering them since 2009. NAB Asset Management now has over $1.4 billion invested in 6 SMA model portfolios across a range of managers, strategies and asset classes.

For the feature article we’ve been fortunate enough to speak to three advisers who use SMAs to find out why they use them and how they have benefitted their businesses and clients.

Download Connecting the dots with SMAs 2018 (PDF)

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