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Adviser webinars

NAB Asset Management’s webinars are available to financial advisers and provide economic updates, investment insights and the latest market developments from our partner firms. 

Register for upcoming webinars and view past webinars on-demand via the links below. 

Webinar replay

Altrinsic Quarterly Investment Update

7 March 2019

Hear from Stephen Barbarich, Manager, Research relationships, NAB Asset Management who will provide a timely reminder of what it means to have value style diversification in your portfolio. Joining him will be Simon Blanchflower, Head of Asia Pacific, Altrinsic Global Advisors to provide some practical application providing an update on recent investment performance and where Altrinsic is finding value in this late cycle market.



Summer flash crashes and investing in 2019

Join MLC Portfolio Manager Dr Ben McCaw who will recap what's been happening in markets and explain how the MLC portfolios have reacted during the last quarter. MLC Head of Alternative Strategies Gareth Abley will talk about the diversifying role alternatives have played against falling share and bond markets. Passcode: mlcwbnr1



Why now is not the time to start running with bulls

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Join MLC CIO Jonathan Armitage and MLC Portfolio Manager Dr Ben McCaw who will share their views on the current bull market and its questioned sustainability, talk about the potential impact of the global trade wars, provide an overview of how the MLC portfolios are positioned and discuss why it is important for investors to hold their nerve.



Fairview's investment update 

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Join Fairview's Executive Director, Leigh Cronin who will provide an update on Fairview's small companies portfolio and recent performance. He'll discuss recent activity within the Fairview portfolio and touch on some of their top investment ideas in the current environment. 



Intermede's investment update

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Join us for an interactive webinar with James Kim, Intermede Investment Partners' Technology Analyst, who lives and grew up in the Silicon Valley area and has a strong background in the technology space. James will provide insights into Intermede's investment philosophy, their view on the tech industry and where they see opportunities to invest.  



Are your clients prepared for higher interest rates and volatility?

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Join Altrinsic's Head of Asia Pacific, Simon Blanchflower, who will give an update on where Altrinsic sees opportunities in global equities in this low return environment and why it is so important now to differentiate from the market.



The CIO perspective - From Sydney to New York, managing portfolios in high risk times

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Join MLC CIO Jonathan Armitage and New York-based, Charles de Vaulx, CIO of IVA to hear their views on why it's important to be appropriately positioned in the current investment environment.