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Altrinsic Global Equities Trust

Altrinsic Global Equities Trust

Fund Description:  The Trust invests in an actively managed portfolio of equities listed (or expected to be listed) on share markets around the world. The Trust is not hedged to the Australian dollar.

Investment approach: Altrinsic believes it can take advantage of inefficiencies in the world’s share markets by taking a long-term view and capitalising on the investment team’s:

  • in-depth fundamental company analysis,
  • global industry knowledge, and
  • distinctive cross-border perspectives to assess a company's intrinsic value.

Altrinsic evaluates companies as if purchasing them outright with its own capital.


Fund facts

Fund objective

The Trust aims to deliver long-term capital growth and to outperform the Benchmark over rolling five year periods, before fees and taxes.

APIR code


Inception date

1 December 2011


MSCI All Country World Index (ex-Australia) Net Dividends Reinvested ($A).

Minimum suggested timeframe

5 years or more (Please note this is a guide not a recommendation)

Management Fee

1.25% pa of the Trust's net asset value (Including GST, net of Reduced Input Tax Credit)

Minimum initial investment


Minimum additional investment


Risk level (expected volatility)

High: While the Trust offers investors the potential for higher returns over the long term compared to funds investing in other types of assets such as fixed income or cash, the high level of volatility in the Trust means the likelihood of the value of your investment going down over the short term is relatively high.

Distribution frequency


Indicative strategic asset allocation range

Global emerging markets equities*: 0%–30%

Global developed markets equities*: 50%–100%

Cash and cash equivalents: 0%–20%

*Up to 15% of the Trust may be invested in small cap stocks (US$1.5 billion or less market capitalisation).

Typical number of stocks


Research ratings

Lonsec: Rated
Zenith: Rated

The above is just a snapshot of the Trust's terms and features. Further terms and conditions are set out in the Trust's PDS.


Unit prices

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How to invest in the trust

Direct investors:

Speak to your financial adviser for more information or invest directly through the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) available under Resources.


Speak to your Business Development Manager for more information on available platforms.

ASX mFund Settlement Service:

If you don’t have an existing stockbroking account, contact a participating broker, such as nabtrade, today. A complete list of participating stockbrokers can be found on the ASX website.