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Who we are

At NAB Asset Management, we believe in driving successful relationships. With knowledge and experience behind us, we work towards the best results in investment management, for institutional and retail clients in both domestic and global markets.

We partner with our clients, and with some of the best investment talent from around the world, to achieve superior outcomes backed by first class research and investment solutions.

We are committed to attracting and growing the best talent, so we can continue to form successful relationships that are based on integrity, transparency and excellence.

Success is our focus

Our ability to attract some of the best investment managers with our market leading research, advice and portfolio construction capabilities allows us to deliver superior outcomes; and real competitive advantages for our clients.

Investment management

We look to identify and develop high quality investment management capability. Our close relationships with investment management firms help us give our clients access to a diverse range of asset classes and investment products, all managed by committed investment professionals.

We partner with investment talent in two key ways:


Our multi-asset approach combines the expertise of over 30 leading investment managers from around the world. This approach gives investors access to a combination of individually selected investment managers providing diversity across asset classes, within asset classes and across investment styles. Ultimately, the aim is to deliver consistent performance in variable market conditions, while significantly reducing risk without compromising the overall return.

Boutique business partners

NAB Asset Management partners with select boutique investment management firms to enhance their capabilities by providing access to distribution channels, client services and other operational support.

Each boutique partner operates under their own investment philosophy, so our role is to support their philosophy and grow their business. This allows them to remain focused on what they do best – creating quality investment outcomes for their clients.

Through these relationships we provide clients access to a diverse range of traditional and alternative asset classes and investment products, managed by investment professionals who focus on delivering superior investment outcomes.