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JANA was established in 1987 and is a leading investment consulting firm, with offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

JANA’s core business is providing traditional and implemented consulting advice to institutional clients, including corporate, industry and public sector superannuation clients as well as charities, foundations and endowment clients.

JANA was named by Chant West as Asset Consultant of the year 2014.

Private Investment Consulting

Private Investment Consulting (PIC) offers advisers products and exclusive services tailored specifically for High Net Worth and small institutional clients. The Private Investment Consulting team work with clients and advisers to address the weaknesses inherent in many wealthy Australians' investment portfolios.

Using their expertise they develop bespoke asset allocations specific to the individual investment objectives of each investor.

If you would like to speak to Private Investment Consulting about the bespoke investment expertise and services the team can offer investors, please visit